The Class

Basso continuo is not only about the act of accompanying: it is composition, improvisation and performance.


Each course is organised in two sessions: a theoretical group class where we will read, study and present historical sources and a practical individual class always related to the repertoire of the corresponding block.

In 1607, Agazzari stated that three things are necessary to play well:

· Knowing counterpoint, singing confidently, understanding proportion and tempi, being able to read all clefs and resolve dissonances, being competent enough with the instrument.
· Being able to understand the tablatura and scores.
· Having a good ear in order to hear the movement of the voices between themselves.

In many other contemporary sources, just as Agazzari did, composers explain how musicians should be well trained enough to achieve the necessary skills per suonar bene. Nowadays, putting that into practice is a big but necessary challenge for everybody who wants to be involved in historical performance practice in the field of basso continuo.

In the workshops of KCB basso continuo class, we will work to develop:

1.The necessary skills for applying counterpoint rules and, consequently, harmony, leading voices, and notation.
2.Rhythm: speaking in the accompaniment and in how we accompany.
3.Knowledge of the national styles.
4.Overview of what we do in which repertoire.

Sources are the fundamental tool in our program: their understanding brings us closer to what historical performance practice means and makes us build “the good taste” that is often mentioned on them. Moreover, a thorough study the sources give us a better criteria when the lack of them happen to be.

The Class

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