Concerts & Activities 2018-2019

November 28th, 10:30h.


Origins of the early italian baroque basso continuo:

Different praxis to accompany the polyphony
Different genres of compositions and their basso continuo approaches
Reading Agazzari, Bianciardi and Viadana


December 11th, 09:00h.


Recitar Cantando & the Monody:

Reading Caccini, Peri and Cavalieri
Ornamentation: Esclamazione, Trillo, Gruppo/Groppolo, Ribattuta, Tremolo etc.
Reading Diruta.
Musica Transalpina: The Monody in England. Imports from Italy: Dering, Lawes, Lanier & others


December 17th, 12H.

LUNCH CONCERT: Frescobaldi, Cima, Caccini, Luzzaschi, Lanier, Lawes, Purcell
Tempel / KCB Brussels.

Concerts & Activities 2018-2019

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