Planning 2017–2018

October - December 2017

Early Italian repertory until 1630


· Reading Viadana, Agazzari and Bianciardi
· Topics: ornamentation in melodic and polyphonic instruments, keyboard intabolatura

Concert on 15th December, 16h. Temple KCB Brussels

January 2018

Basso continuo in England before the Restoration

· Work on: which composers use a keyboard instrument for the basso continuo? Which are the first sources where the term basso continuo appears?
· Reading first printed basso continuo treatise: M.Locke, Melotheisa

Concert: on the 26th December, 16h. Temple KCB Brussels

February- March 2018

French Basso continuo

· Work on chords: kind and names
· Ornamentation in basso continuo
· “Le Gout de l’Accompagnement au Clavecin”
· Reading: Saint Lambert, Dandrieu, Delair, D’anglebert and Corrette

Concert: on the 23rd March, 16h. Temple KCB Brussels

April- May 2018

German Basso continuo

· Sacred recitativo

Concert: 3rd May 2018, 15h. Temple KCB Brussels

FINAL RECITALS 25 may 15h. Temple KCB Brussels


Planning 2017–2018

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